John Nicols is a noted author, pastor and teacher to the body of Christ. He has been in the ministry for over 33 years. John has served as a Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor, Senior Pastor, Evangelist and Bible College Instructor.

John is minister who believes that anyone and everyone can be a success, when they will apply the principles outlined in the Word of God. John has committed his life to teaching the body of Christ, how to win and be a success, by applying God’s Word to their lives on a daily basis.

His teachings are designed to challenge individuals to achieve excellence in their lives. John has the ability to motivate people and raise their level of expectations. His messages are filled with profound trusts and mixed with many humorous illustrations, causing his audience to pay close attention to what he has to say.

John’s three books, The Power of Joy, Turning Setbacks Into Comebacks and the The Favor of God, give a clear picture of what he enjoys teaching the most. He distributes thousands of these books to prisoners across the nation. He considers the prison system as the forgotten mission field. Every book that is purchased will be read on the average by 3 people. In prisons and jails that number more than doubles to 7 people reading each book. To date he has distributed thousands of books to prisoners.

John and his wife Cindy have three children and three grandchildren and all reside in California.

If you know somebody who is incarcerated. John would be happy to send a book to them.